Thursday, August 19, 2010





What I'm wearing:
Top-OLD Obey T
Shorts-Vintage Levi's
Shoes- Jefferey Campbell Alicia Wedge
Purse- Juicy's older...
Necklace-Gift-from Paris
Fox Tail- Alaska ONLY $10.00!!!!

These are officially my new FAVORITE shoes! When I recieved them in the mail, if any of you have ordered Jefferey Campbell's before then you know, that they come in this awesome box with a crossword puzzel on the front! too cool man..That was a nice little surprise.

Anywase they were WAY lighter then I expected and WAY more comphy then I expected, making them totally fesable as far as work goes. And they are a lot more versitile then I imagined, making them my go to black shoe for now.

I am sooooo stoked I picked up a fox tail while I was in Alaska, it was only $10.00!!! I have gotten a tremendous amount of compliments on it. And never has anyone given me shit for it which even it they did I would then have to profess my love for furs and leather...yes the real shit. sorry PETA...NOT! Hahah tooodles for now

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  1. this is amazing... love this outfit!!

    Thanks for following my blog!!!