Friday, June 11, 2010

Newbie on the Block

So I am pretty new to this Blogging thing. I have always been hesitant to start one becuase I am not to self centered but since I am going to be opening an online Vintage boutique within the next week I figure HEY why not? anywase here are just a couple things that inspire me in my everyday life...I love music and music is a HUGE part of my life. I am mostly influenced by music when it comes to fashion, isn't it crazy how hearing something can make the feelings and emotions inside of you swirl together? I pretty much grew up listening to all the bands posted above and then some. I miss great music, the industry today is not what it used to be. Everything now is so over produced...good luck listening to their acctuall voices..hmph.
Ahh ramblings..maybe I won't do so bad at this blog thing...we'll see. I will keep you posted on when Dutch Oven opens up and will post everything to my blog as well. The store will be on Etsy and ebay. Tata for now

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